IT Car Sales’ comprehensive warranty is designed to help with the cost of repairs, including replacement of parts, labor and VAT. Vehicles are known to contain more than 700 components which are always subjected to wear and tear and can fail over time.

We believe that the costs of repairs, replacement of parts and servicing can have an impact on your pocket and affect your financial budget. Our warranty is the protection you can’t afford to miss.

IT Car Sales aims to establish a lasting relationship with our customers to ensure they enjoy buying from us. Our warranty package is a part of our aftersales experience to protect your vehicle for optimal performance.

Having researched different warranty package in the market, we believe that IT Car Sales’ warranty is one of the best aftersales packages in the industry.

Drive your Car without Fear

We start our warranty protection by providing the best brands in the market after undergoing an uncompromised rigorous vehicle inspection by our trained technicians. Cars are expected to be mechanically sound without a manufacturer’s defect.

IT Car Sales understands the financial commitment of buying a car and wants to assure you that you have invested in a reliable vehicle through our site. We don’t expect you to incur unexpected expenses on minor breakdowns over a period of time; hence, our warranty coverage aims to protect you. This ensures to ease any financial significant that may occur due to electrical and mechanical faults.

You are free to call us today to make an online warranty enquiry for more info.

Why taking Advantage of Car Warranty with IT Car Sales?

Considering the current increasing insurance premiums and as well as other car maintenance expenses, including the rising cost of fuel, car ownership is turning out to be more expensive.
In addition to repairs and maintenance which are crucial to the performance and resale value of your car, maintaining mobile doesn’t come cheap. With IT Car Sales, you are guaranteed of full coverage of any mechanical or electrical failures under our Car Protect warranty; thereby saving you some bucks which may impact your finance. Contact us to learn more.

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