Used Compact Hatchback Car: SEAT Ibiza vs Ford Fiesta

Used Compact Hatchback Car: SEAT Ibiza vs Ford Fiesta

November 26, 2019 / Comments0 / 213 / Blog
Fiesta versus Ibiza
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The year’s about to end now and many of you are probably thinking of getting your teens their first car or an alternative car to your regularly used vehicle. Getting a compact hatchback might be a good option for such purposes as they’re light to drive compared to full-sized SUVs and if you just know what to find, you can even score a fuel efficient car that will save you tons of cash.

And among the compact cars you should eye on in the used car market, the Ford Fiesta and SEAT Ibiza 2017 models can give you the best bang for the buck.

The Ford Fiesta and Seat Ibiza are the heartland of the small car class, and 2017 has seen all-new versions of both. After you see them, you might want to buy both and we can’t blame you. Both are fun to dive, of great value, and easy to maintain.

So while it seems difficult to make a wise decision in this case, let’s give you all the information you need about Ford Fiesta and SEAT Ibiza so you can decide which 2nd hand car for sale to buy.

So let’s start!

Ford Fiesta vs SEAT Ibiza

The engines and trim levels promise a great balance of cost and comfort, although you might want to think about an Ibiza FR or Fiesta ST Line if you want the sportier-looking option.

Like the SEAT Ibiza, the Ford Fiesta is an affordable, practical and stylish hatchback. It’s easy to drive too while mid-spec models get plenty of equipment as standard, which means you don’t have to raid the expensive options list to get modest extras, like DAB audio, alloy wheels and LED daytime running lights.

Hardly surprising, the Fiesta has been Britain’s best-selling car for half a decade. In fact, you’d struggle to walk down a high street without seeing two or three of the things parked up or whizzing by. But how does the all-conquering Ford compare to the SEAT Ibiza?  

The Ford Fiesta

Fiesta, it has to be one of the first names that spring to mind when anyone thinks about small cars, and rightly so.

For most of us the Fiesta has been around all our lives as the ‘go to’ car of choice for buyers who just want to get around on four wheels. Though it has rarely been the cheapest, most generously equipped or most family friendly car out there, it has always been broadly good at everything else and sells by the transporter load every year.

Ford thoroughly rejuvenated this big-selling small car. The general consensus is that this particular model is better than the previous ones in just about every conceivable way.

The SEAT Ibiza

SEAT’s ‘all-new’ Ibiza could be the surprise package for buyers in the ‘supermini’ class. It’s setting a standard its rivals are struggling to match.

If you’re a buyer more concerned with quantity over quality, the SEAT Ibiza could well be the supermini for you.

Quiet inside, the cabin is spacious and comfortable, the 1.0-litre engines are excellent, and it’s decent to drive too. Handling is sorter on the regular models but stiffens up nicely on the sportier FR trims.

It’s difficult to deny that the Ibiza 2017 is a significant step up on its predecessor, with better engines, lower fuel costs and a higher quality interior. It’s also one of the most practical hatchbacks you can buy. And even the larger Focus struggles to match the Ibiza for bootspace and rear legroom.

The three-cylinder engine in the SEAT is also far superior to the Ford EcoBoost. It’s quiet, smooth and sharper under your right foot. It’s also more honest when it comes to Real MPG, with the EcoBoost 100 missing its advertised figure by as much as 20mpg.

The Equipment

The Fiesta nudges ahead on value. It certainly leads the way for standard multimedia kit and affordable sat-nav, but the Seat offer cruise control and keyless-go at affordable prices while you can’t add them to the Fiesta at all.

Yet again, a mid-spec three-door Zetec is much better equipped than a five-door Ibiza SE, with the former getting DAB audio, heated windscreen and lane assist as standard. In comparison, the Ibiza feels somewhat threadbare next to similar priced Fiesta, even if it does benefit from an extra set of doors.


So, given the choice, which is better? The Fiesta or the Ibiza? Well, that depends on what you want from your compact hatchback. If you value comfort, refinement, budget, and lots of interior space, the SEAT will be the car for you. However, if you want something with lots of kit as standard and sharp driving dynamics, the Fiesta will a much better match.

Where to buy?

IT Car Sales specializes in used Inverness car sales. From Ford to Ibiza, and one another rival – the Volkswagen Golf – you can find them all at our car sales garage. Get a free quote and tour at our yard to see the units in person. We have experts to help you check the condition of the cars but you are free to bring your trusted mechanic too.

Second hand cars for sale aren’t so bad. They are practical choices for first time car buyers or those who are practicing to perfect their driving. Visit us today and pick the car to keep you company on the road.

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