Inverness Car Dealers vs Private Seller: Where to Buy Used Car

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Inverness car dealers vs private used car sellers? Which route should you take when buying your next used car? One of the first things you try to ponder upon when preparing to buy a used car is whether to purchase your car from Inverness used car dealers or private sellers.

But before you proceed, it’s important for you to learn the differences between the two, the pros and cons of each, and how to choose which one is best for your situation so you can make the best buying decision.

And we are here today to help you figure out the best option!

Many people in Inverness are going the used car route. Many cars for sale today are more reliable compared to those that were sold 5 years ago.

Used Car Dealers vs. Private Seller: An Overview

Used car sales sites like IT Car Sales allow you to search for used cars sold by a dealership but going on buy and sell sites will show you listings from private sellers. Many buyers attest to the reliability of buying from Inverness car dealers, while cost-conscious bargain hunters swear that it’s easier to get a better deal from private car sales, especially if the seller has an urgent need for the cash. These are just some of the few things to expect when buying a used car for sale from either a dealer or private seller.

Now, let’s have a closer look at the pros and cons of each:

1. Inverness Car Dealers vs Private Sellers: The Inspection Process

The car may look great from the outside, but how’s the view from inside? Some of the most important parts of the car are not readily visible, so you need to know what to look for. If not, then your best option is buying from Inverness used car dealers like IT Car Sales. Thanks to business laws, dealerships are not allowed to sell a car that doesn’t fulfill certain consumer standards. the law also entitles you to a warranty service or a refund if you find problems in your newly acquired used car. If a dealer refuses, you can report him to the right city department or pursue legal recourse.

In contrast, a private car seller isn’t required to disclose anything to a potential buyer. There are plenty of horror stories on the Net detailing how bargain buyers found greats deal only to discover that the vehicle was a salvage. To prevent this from happening to you, get a professional inspection when you’re looking to purchase a private-owned used car.

2. Inverness Car Dealers vs Private Sellers: Warranty

Second-hand cars sold by licensed Inverness car dealers are typically covered by warranty that guarantees free-of-charge repair for certain defects discovered after purchase, as long as the warranty period is still active. Likewise, dealerships may be able to offer additional warranties as enticement, which can be extremely beneficial for you as a car buyer. On the other hand, it’s quite common to find a car owner selling the car privately ‘as is’ and offering no warranty at all.

It bears repeating that you should have a used car professionally inspected. This is especially if you’re buying used cars for sale by owner. Likewise, it can also help if you can personally test drive the car to see how it relates to your personal driving style. And don’t forget to obtain a Deed of Sale.

3. Inverness Car Dealers vs Private Sellers:  The Buying Process

For some, buying used cars is as simple as choosing a car they like and driving off after paying. Cost and quality conscious buyers however, put in a lot towards research before sealing the deal. If you’re looking to buy a specific car make and model, you’ll likely spend the same amount of time and energy researching your vehicle. This is despite your decision to buy from a private car seller or car dealer. Fortunately, online used car sales sites like IT Car Sales make it easy for you to find the car you want from a pool of sellers, both private and not.

4. Inverness Car Dealers vs Private Sellers:  The Need to Practice Caution

The sad fact is that regardless of which type of seller you choose, you can still come across someone who only has self-interest in mind. The good news is there are plenty of reasonable individuals out there who just want to do honest business. Though it may seem like buying from a used car dealer is the way to go, that’s not to say that used cars for sale by private owner are not without its benefits. Some perks you can enjoy from buying used cars from private sellers are lower cost and lesser paperworks.

Whichever method you choose, to help you get your money’s worth, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Check the Internet – Try researching your seller online. You never know when their name might pop up and what other people may have to say about them. Chances are, they’ve done business with other people before, and these people have shared their experiences online. This particular step is a great way to learn about a seller’s reputation.
  • Don’t buy impulsively – It doesn’t matter that you’re only buying a used car. You’re still going to spend a lot of your hard-earned cash on it. A used car for sale still represents a significant investment, so scrutinize the car before making the purchase. Buying on impulse only serves to increase your chances of experiencing buyer’s remorse afterwards.
  • Get professional inspection– the importance of having a mechanic you trust look over the vehicle for you cannot be understated. You can take the car to your mechanic or request an onsite inspection. A trustworthy seller will likely allow you to do this without much fanfare.
  • Negotiate your best price – if you’ve done your research on the vehicle, then you know the market price for it and how low you can go. Generally speaking, it can be easier to negotiate with a private seller than a used car salesman. Keep these basic negotiating skills in mind to ensure you achieve or get close to your target budget as possible:
  1. Only enter negotiations with a seller with whom you feel comfortable with.
  2. Before negotiations start, decide on a budget cap and be ready to say no if the cost exceeds your limit.
  3. Be prepared to walk out the door at any time you feel the seller is giving you the runaround.
  4. Feign indifference – You’ll be surprised how quickly the price can drop if you show you’re not interested in the price they’re offering.
Buying used cars shouldn’t be too difficult when you know what and where to buy.

Final Thoughts

Buying used cars can be worth it when you find the right unit. And finding the right unit can be a result of choosing the right kind of used car seller. Whether you decide to get from Inverness used car dealers or private sellers, following our tips above will make the job easier.

Tips on Cutting Maintenance Costs of Used Cars Inverness

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tips on cutting down maintenance costs on used car inverness

When you’re buying a car in Inverness, going for a used one over a new one is a good way to save yourself some money. But a lot of people don’t like the idea of a used car Inverness because they worry that it will cost them more money in maintenance.

In some cases, this is true because a used car is more likely to break down than a brand new one. However, if you know how to choose the right car, pick the right used car sales, and look after the used car properly, you can manage those maintenance costs quite easily.

Let’s give you some tips to help you out on reducing maintenance on a used car Inverness.

Maintaining used car shouldn’t be too expensive. When you do regular checks and the right car care, you won’t need to spend on costly products and repairs.

1. Choose the right used car Inverness model

When you come to buy a used car, reliability should always be a big priority. There are a lot of cars out there that are prone to regular breakdowns and if they are used, you will be back and forth to the mechanic all the time. But if you do some research and find a reliable model from the used car sales dealer, then it shouldn’t cause you any more trouble than a new car.

So when buying, try to find a car that meets all of your needs, but you should always prioritize reliability over anything else. At IT Car Sales, we market only reliable used cars so our buyers won’t meet many hassles when they already bring them home.

2. Find a reliable used car Inverness dealer

There are two different types of a used car dealer: the reliable ones that will ensure that cars are in good condition, and those that are dishonest who will cover up any damage and tell you that the car is in perfect condition, even if it has all sorts of problems.

That’s why it’s important that you find a reliable used car Inverness dealer, like the IT Car Sales. We make your shopping safe, making sure that the car you buy won’t break down as soon as you drive it off the lot. When you are looking at different dealerships, always check out some online reviews first so you can be sure that they are reliable.

3. Source parts properly

If you do need to do repairs, you need to make sure that you use good quality parts. If you go for cheap parts, they will fail very quickly, and you will be doing the same repairs over and over again. But if you source good used car parts, and make sure that they are fitted properly, repairs will last and you won’t be wasting money doing them over and over again.

4. Drive economically

A used car has already seen some use, so it’s going to suffer from a bit of general wear and tear. You can improve that if you upgrade some of the older parts, but you also need to be careful about how you drive. If you are careless with your driving, you put more strain on the engine and the brakes, and you are more likely to have problems. But if you drive economically, you can prevent any maintenance problems and save yourself some money on fuel at the same time.

Used Car Regular Maintenance Works

Find this Vauxhall at IT Car Sales.

Every day in the morning, make it a practice to check the oil and radiator water levels of the car. New-age cars have all the readings on the dashboard once the car is started. Even then, it is a good practice to check the engine oil and coolant levels. Then check the brake fluid level.

Further, you may check the battery water level too. If your used car Inverness has a sealed battery, then it won’t possible for you to check the battery water level yourself. In addition to this, you may check the fan, dynamo and power steering belts. If any of the above checkings prompt you to attend on required rectification then do it without any delay.

After these checks, check the condition of the tires and if you think they require inflation, then do it and maintain proper pressure by using a pressure gauge. Properly inflated tires will provide you smooth driving.

Drivers should rotate the car tires periodically. This is to get a long life for the tires and driving pleasure. Most of the tire companies recommend the need for tire rotation and its frequencies.

Rotation timings vary from company to company but it is recommended to change between 9,000 to 15,000 miles. This practice will reduce the uneven wearing of tires and can extend their life.

Another important aspect relating to car maintenance is a regular engine and transmission oil change. The frequency of oil change depends on the type of oil being used in the engine. There are special grade oils that allow you to change oils after a longer time than normal engine oils.

Oil filters should be changed at regular intervals too. You can note down the date of change of oils along with odometer reading which will help you to manage the engine oil change.

Timely oil changes will help you keep the car engine healthy to give a good performance. A badly damaged engine or a poor performing engine will cause maintenance to become expensive.

There are easy methods on how you can control car maintenance by keeping a checklist. You can prepare a checklist in such a way that it is easy to follow up and update. You can prepare checklist segment-wise and on a daily basis that you can use for managing maintenance works.

Daily checking:

  • Oil checking
  • Hose and belts
  • Tire pressure
  • Coolant

Quarterly checklist:

  • Oil and filter change – certain oils need to be changed t at every 3,500 miles.
  • Checking and cleaning of battery terminals.
  • Windshield blades condition
  • Check transmission, power steering, brake oil levels and replenish if required.
  • Check air filters and replace them if required.

Every six months you may check all the lights and electrical systems. The brake pads are other items for checking. Shock absorbers and exhaust pipes need thorough checking too.


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