Brand New vs Used Cars – Which Car Type to Buy In Inverness

Brand New vs Used Cars – Which Car Type to Buy In Inverness

August 26, 2019 / Comments0 / 248 / Blog
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The war between new and used cars is still at a rife and it seems like it’ll never cease. This is because technology has greatly improved cars and models from the past five years display features that can keep up with the latest models, most especially when it’s a luxury used car that you are looking at.

Buying brand new surely has tons of advantages over buying second hand. But how do you know when a brand-new car is the right route for you to take?

The New Car Route

The first question here is, can you afford to buy a new car?

Well, buying a new car is easier now than it was back in our days. Before, only the financially capable can buy cars since payment should be in full. But both car makers and banks made brand new car buying possible even for the mid-class.

With a good credit point, you can already enter you purchase in a bank loan. You now only must pay for the deposit and monthly payments until your contract with the bank ends.


What if time comes that times when you lose your job and you spent every single penny in your bank? What happens now to your new car?

It’ll get pulled out by the bank without returning any of the money you already paid for the loan.

That means big loss for you.

Furthermore, did you know that you lose money as soon as you drive your brand-new car for the first time? A new car takes its biggest depreciation in the first two or three years. This means that you are basically throwing away several thousand dollars that you will never be able to get back. Financially it does not make a lot of sense to buy a new car unless you have money you do not mind losing.

But on the other hand, when you buy a new car, you get a warranty and insurance. No repairs are needed. All you need to do is to pay and drive your car out of the dealer and you can now boast your new car to the world. There’s free casa maintenance too, depending on your agreement with the dealer.

Another is the latest technology. You know how much geeks can come up with new features every year. Hybrid cars that have autopilot are already out. But let’s go back to what we can afford. Like I said, cars are now very modern since 2015 so there’s not so much technology changed in the car. Well, unless flying cars come out.

Now this leads us to the option of buying used cars.

Going for used cars

Used car sales are everywhere in Inverness. You can see garages that sell good-looking units and still functioning well. And if you’re hesitant of buying from private owners because they might scam you, then why not purchase from registered car dealers in Inverness like our IT Car Sales.

We have a wide range of used cars, slightly used cars, and near to new cars. Our used car sales in Inverness are preferred by many households because of the benefits we offer along with their purchase. One is warranty. Another is we have professional mechanics who check all the units in our garage and make sure that they are in top condition before they are placed on sale.

The Bright Side of Buying Used Cars

Used cars definitely have an advantage when it comes to cost because you are less likely to get hit with the dreaded depreciation. Used cars are considered to be the most practical option.

Most people, though, associate used cars to ongoing car troubles and mountains of repairs and replacements. This is not always the case. Like I mentioned earlier, we, at IT Car Sales, have skilled mechanics to condition the cars before we out them on sale.

Yes, a major disadvantage of purchasing new cars is the uncertainty of its history but this can always be remedied by requesting for a history check from us.

Used car sales in Inverness are not only cheap but it also comes with several more advantages, that’s why a lot of people go this route.

For the advantage, like I discussed, you won’t have to suffer for the depreciation. You may be able to sell your car for nearly the same amount you paid for it in the next few years. You can still find good financing options through your local bank or credit union, and because you are not losing the money on depreciation, you may come out ahead of a zero-interest loan that you would take out on a new car.

When you buy a used car, it is easier to save up and pay cash. You can also review the Consumer Reports and choose a model that has been performing well.

Another advantage is that depending on the model, your insurance rates may be lower on a used car as opposed to a new one. If you are in your early twenties and paying high insurance rates because of your age, this may be significant savings.

Furthermore, and like I have been pointing out, as technology has improved, cars have become more reliable and many models do not need repairs until they are well over 100,000 miles and close to ten years old. This means that you can buy a car that is three years old and sell it in five years and you may not need to do any major repairs on it.

How to Score Good Used Car

  1. Know what you really need

Before you do anything else, make sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • Why are you buying a car?
  • What purpose will you use it for?

Once you know why, then the what’s and how’s become easier to determine:

What safety features do you want your car to have?

What kind of car should it be? An MPV, An estate, a sports car?

What specifications should it have? How about its Engine? Fuel Efficiency? Power?

How many people should it accommodate?

How much budget are you willing to set aside every month to pay for it? Don’t forget to include incidentals like extra parts or possible inspections and car maintenance in your budget

How much is your price limit when buying a vehicle?

How would you like to pay for it? Through the car dealership, bank loan, or credit union?

Research the Right Car Dealers in Inverness to Buy From

Not doing your research is like entering a huge battle with a gun–but with no bullets inside.

The more information you know, the better your chances of choosing the right used car for you.

There are many ways you can research about the car you’re thinking of buying. You can do it by tapping:

  • Previous owners
  • Car classifieds, both online and print
  • Car forums
  • Online car dealers like IT Car Sales

Make sure to check out the present price of your preferred car model so you can haggle when you finally decide to buy. This will also give you an idea of how much your prospect is worth right now.

  1. Get a history check

A history report is valuable, since it will reveal to you the car’s possible problems. What’s more, it will also reveal how well the owner has maintained the vehicle–or not.

Important tip: Make sure to check if the car’s stolen or not. This usually happens when you buy from private owners. This is also the reason why people would prefer to buy from registered car dealers in Inverness.

We check the history and see to it that the documents of the car are legit before we take them in to our garage.

  1. Test drive the car

When test driving the car, make sure to do the following:

  • Keep the stereo or radio off so you can really hear any noise coming from the engine and underneath the vehicle.
  • Check the steering wheel, rotating from one lock to another. Pay attention for screeching and knocking sounds.
  • Try out all the gears and check how well the car performs on different road surfaces. Listen for noises.
  • Test drive the car in different road and driving scenarios, such as driving on smooth roads, bumpy roads, fast turning at a sharp corner, sudden braking, etc.
  • Check the brakes, the hand brake, and the accelerator to see if they’re working properly.
  1. Do a thorough inspection

It’s very important to bring a mechanic with you when you buy a used car. Not only will they be able to pinpoint exactly if the car’s worth buying, but they can also help you save a lot of money on repairs and maintenance costs in the future.

Here are some things you need to remember when inspecting a car:

  • Make sure to do it in full daylight. This is because you can easily overlook rust, scratches and dents when you do it at night.
  • Look at signs of oil leaks under the car.
  • Start the vehicle when the engine’s cold. This way, it will be much easier to see possible problems, such as starting difficulties and a lot of smoke.
  • Check the tires for signs of worn out treads.
  • Look for a thick, white paste around the oil filler cap. This points to a damaged head gasket, which is expensive to repair.
  • Check for gaps between panels, or signs of repainting on some areas of the car. They can indicate a previous crash.

Get a warranty

It’s not always possible to get a warranty, since it lapses once a car hits its 3rd or 4th year already.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to ask the seller if his car has one. And if it’s expired, you can always have the option of getting an extended warranty to prevent unnecessary risks. You can ask your car dealer for more information.

At IT Car Sales, we offer warranty for all of our cars. Our relationship with our customers is important to us so we make sure they are protected too in their purchase. And this is what made us last for as long as 18 years this year.

Final Word

It’s not always easy to buy a used car. Still, if you prepare for the entire buying process and trust your gut instincts, then it becomes much easier to find that second-hand vehicle that you’ll be proud to call your own.

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