Best Time to Buy Second Hand Car in Inverness

Best Time to Buy Second Hand Car in Inverness

December 12, 2019 / Comments0 / 169 / Blog
Second Hand cars
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It’s the time of the year again when people are most bounty. Bonuses have been received and most of you are probably thinking of gifting yourselves something precious like a new car. But for others, they’d rather consider getting second-hand cars from dealers in Inverness City as they’re not only more affordable than the new ones but the used models these days are already as good as the new ones.

But is it really the best time of the year to buy second-hand cars here in Inverness City?

The best time to buy a used car

One thing you should know is that every quarter, dealers have targets they have to meet. Once they project they won’t be able to meet it, they offer bonuses up for grabs. Typically, they give discounted prices or tons of freebies along with the unit. This means the best time to buy is at the end of March, June, September, and December.

But for second-hand car dealers, every day is a good day to buy. So whether it’s mid of the year or end of it, you will always find great deals from second-hand car dealers here in Inverness. Of course, and like we mentioned, people have more money in December because of their holiday bonuses. So you can use that for the purchase. And the best thing about buying second-hand cars is that you can still negotiate the price so it will be favorable for you and if not, you can just look around and find something that will suit your budget.

You might want to pick a time when its quiet at the dealer’s yard, too, so you can have some nice negotiation with the dealer. This gives you more space, too, if you want to have the unit tested by your own trusted mechanic.

When you pick a car model, think about the timing too. Most people want to boast a convertible during the summer but be sure that it has a roof for the winter. But if what you’re buying is for a second car, then thinking about the seasons may not matter.

To help you further here are some other tips you should refer to before buying second-hand cars here in Inverness:

What car model do you really need?

Before you go to the second-hand dealer, be sure to finish your homework of realizing what you really want vs what you really need.

Let’s take the convertible car as an example again. You want to cruise through the highlands with your convertible but it’s snowing and the wind is crisp and cold. It’s not that it’s impossible but it will be highly inconvenient for your passengers and you as the driver. Summer is the perfect time for this car.

So our tip is for you to work out what is realistic. If it’s winter, don’t buy a convertible and get it stuck in the garage for months. Like we said, every day is a great time to buy a second-hand car so wait for summer before you buy the convertible. 

So before you buy, ask yourself:

  • What are my car requirements? Should I look for something with more room or a sporty one? Think carefully about what you really want and need.
  • Why am I buying a car? Do I need it for anything specific this time of the year?
  • Will, I used the second-hand car for long drives or just cruising around the city? Will it be my main car or my alternative car?
  • Should I go for gas or diesel? What can I afford after buying, depending on what purpose I’m going to use it for. .
  • Do I want to consider an eco-friendly car like an electric or hybrid unit?

How much is your budget?

After looking into options, start looking into the budget on hand. From there, you can now look for the specific model and brand of the car type you settled with. This is where a big second-hand car dealer with a huge selection of models becomes the perfect place to browse through. Our IT Car Sales here in Inverness is a must-visit for all second-hand car buyers with a limited budget on hand.

But before coming up with one final model, you need to know that the cost you need to budget for a second-hand car is split into upfront and ongoing.

  • Upfront costs. When choosing to buy second-hand cars, you will need to pay for it, of course. But there are flexible payment options for second-hand cars now. While second-hand car buying used to mean paying the price in full, today, you can now apply it for financing. The upfront cost now only requires the down payment and the fee for transferring the deed.
  • Finance repayments. If you chose to place the car under financing, you will need to factor in repayments. There will be interest on top of the amortization so be sure that your monthly budget is ready for this kind of expense of long term expense.
  • Fuel. There are some second-hand cars – the older models, especially – that are fuel eaters. Research about your options’ fuel consumption and ask the second-hand car dealer about its actual fuel consumption rate. This will give you an idea of whether you are really getting some savings through your purchase or not.
  • Car insurance. Logic would say that the insurance of a second-hand car will cost cheaper than the new one. But this isn’t always the case. There are instances when the insurance is as much as the insurance of a new car. Sometimes, it can cost more. The cost depends on the car make, model, and the insurance company itself. Sometimes, the level risk that comes with the car dictates the cost of the insurance policy. So be sure to check car insurance calculators before making your decision.
  • MOTs. Cars in the UK, once they reach their third year, are required to undergo MOTs. This may cost over £50 just for the test.
  • Servicing. Second-hand cars will require regular servicing, most especially when it’s already over 6 years old. This is to ensure that it is still on top condition and that it is still safe to drive on the ride for long trips. But if you’re lucky to find a 2-year old or 3-year old used car at a second-hand car dealer in Inverness like the IT Car Sales, then servicing might still be covered by the car dealer’s promo.
  • Other costs. Repairs and replacement parts are other things you should look into. Check if the used car’s tyre’s are still in good condition to run on the road. If not, they make sure there’s some breathing room in your budget. You also need to check in your car at an auto shop to have all other parts checked and have them replaced if they are already old and will just contribute to higher fuel consumption. Overall, you have to allot at least £200s in your budget for these.

Final Thoughts

Buying a used car in Inverness this time of the year can be a good decision when you know the right unit to buy. Check your options well on the internet and in actual to see if the car will really add to your savings or you are just getting something that will cause you a headache.

Talk to your IT Car Sales specialist and be well guided in your buying decision.

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