7 Times Used Cars, Beat Brand New for First Time Cars

7 Times Used Cars, Beat Brand New for First Time Cars

October 24, 2019 / Comments0 / 186 / Blog
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We always hear people asking this one constant question when they’re buying a car for the first time, “Should I go for a new one or a used unit?”

The answer actually depends on how you plan to use it, where you live, where do you work, how much do you drive, your finances and many more variables. Here in Inverness, many people would encourage you to buy second hand. Why? Because everyone assumes that you will just “learn from it”, “maintain it”, “dent it”, “learn to appreciate luxury” etc. They believe that you should only buy a new car when you already have enough experience and can be a careful driver to handle something so expensive.

But second-hand cars are different from what they used to be. When you buy from high quality used car sales Inverness, you can buy cars that seem like brand new because of the way they looked after. If you’re lucky, you can find a car that’s still covered by manufacturers warranty. You can if you know how to look.

Reasons to Buy Used for Your First Car

You might already be fantasising about taking long drives with your friends or have some memorable travel escapades to the south coast. When you know how to pick a used car, you can enjoy all of these plus all these 7 other sensible benefits of making a second-hand car as your first car:

  1. Save money

It’s the main reason why people take used cars. They want to save on paying for a brand new car. Since it’s your first car, we think there’s no need to go overboard in spending money.

Instead of paying £20,000 for a brand new Ford Focus, you can score the same unit but on 2015 model that ran only 35,000 miles for just £7,000. And knowing the Inverness roads, this car isn’t abused yet. So this will be a big win for you and your savings.

You can check out more such options at IT Car Sales which is Inverness’ most trusted market place for used cars.

  1. Upgrade Anytime You Want

Have you noticed? When you have a brand new car it is always so hard to upgrade into another more expensive model. That’s because car depreciates so rapidly but it doesn’t when it hit its 5 years mark.

Another logic here is if you have £20,000, you can only buy a mid-range Ford Focus and you can later sell it half the price. For someone who invested so much, this scenario is painful and you can do nothing about it because that’s how car pricing works.

But at that same price, you can buy 3 car units of a different calibre. You can buy something from the low end, something from the mid-range, and one from the luxury bracket and that gives you more investments to make money from in the future.

  1. Rare Car Units

The second-hand car space gives you the chance to find rare models that you can no longer find on the market. These are cars that have been discontinued, probably because of poor sales. It doesn’t mean, though, that they are not good cars. They might have been phased out only because they were only good for a specific market.

Old model luxury cars also belong to this category. BMWs never grow old they say because they equip their cars with ace quality engines and their looks will always be classic. Another is the old Landrover  4WD which will be good on terrains when you wish to explore the outskirts of the Highlands.

  1. Cars With Greater Performance

If performance is your main priority for your first car purchase, shopping from used car sales, Inverness will reward you with great cars that go beyond your expectations.

Most of us would think that it won’t take long before we see used cars failing. But like we mentioned if you know how to check the condition of a car and if you’ll be patient enough to look around garages, you will always find a gem hidden at used car sales.

The Chevrolet Cruze – which is now discontinued –makes for an excellent diesel-powered saloon. If you are a car enthusiast, you’ll know that diesel engines are more powerful than petrol-powered engines. The Abarth performance models and those who love German engineering have options of the Polo 1.6 diesel and the 1.2 TSI petrol. These cars carry a depreciation of over 50% in the first 3 years itself, making it a sweet deal for you if you buy them second hand.

  1. Practice Cars for Novices

Well, we can’t deny, used cars are the safest cars for novices to drive. Brand new cars are too expensive to just bump around or cover with scratches. Cars depreciate rapidly even though they are brand new. By how much more should it depreciate if it’s no longer smooth and shiny – and not to mention full of dents – as it originally was.

Since you are still new to the world of driving cars, a used car has to be your first car at any cost. Likewise, the level of abuse a car goes through via an amateur driver does put a lot of load as well as wear and tear on running parts like clutch, brakes and engine internals.

So polish your driving skills on used cars and then upgrade to a better unit or even to a new one when you are already a careful car owner.

  1. Wide Variety of Car Models

Going from one car dealer to another to check on the different brands can be so tiring. This is the case when you buy brand new cars. But when you opt for used cars, you can just find used car dealers in Inverness and find all of their units in just one garage. This makes shopping and comparing units so much easier.

Also, when you have a certain budget, say £7,000, you can just ask around the sales representatives to show you cars that are within your budget and they’ll give you options from different car brands, car makes, or car models.

  1. Lower Insurance Costs

Of course, you can insure a used car too. There is a big gap between the ex-showroom price of a new car and the actual on-road figure. Factors like insurance make up for a big amount for a new car, but fret not as used car insurance premiums are far less. For example, while you would pay as much as £700/year for insurance on a car that costs £20,000. The same amount comes down to half for a 2-year-old model of the same car. You see; there’s a huge savings there between cars that with 2-years age gap.

So whether you have a budget of £5,000, £7,000, or £13,000, a used car makes for a practical and a sensible purchase if you are buying a car for the first time.

Ready to buy your first car? Choose to shop from IT Car Sales. We make buying second-hand cars less complicated and with our car experts, we can assist you on finding the right unit to purchase. Bringing your own mechanic to check on the car condition is also advised.


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