10 Reasons to Buy Used Hatchback this 2020

10 Reasons to Buy Used Hatchback this 2020

February 19, 2020 / Comments1 / 143 / Blog, Car Sales
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There are all kinds of secondhand cars that you can buy these days. By far, one of the most popular here in Inverness is the hatchback. Some folks might dismiss those vehicles as being too small for their needs. Others may think they aren’t practical in any way.

But it might shock you to learn that today’s hatchback vehicles offer a plethora of benefits. Are you thinking of buying a car soon at secondhand car dealers in Inverness? Were you going to buy a large saloon or SUV?

Well, here are ten reasons to reconsider and buy a hatchback instead:

1. Used hatchbacks offer more space than you think

Many motorists believe hatchbacks seldom have enough room. When was the last time you sat inside one of the latest models?

Hatchbacks from 2013 to the present year offer plenty of space. Plus, they are comfortable enough to transport three adult passengers and a driver. Just look at the used Vauxhall cars in our yard at IT Car Sales. And let’s not forget the large cargo space in the boot as well!

2. The boot offers better cargo access

It doesn’t matter what saloon car you buy. There is one thing that will always annoy you. And we are talking about cargo access in the boot. You can seldom fit anything large in the area.

Sure, you might only put some shopping bags in there. But what if you wanted to transport something more substantial? Hatchback cars rule over saloons in that aspect.

3. They are cool and trendy

There was once a time where most hatchback cars looked dull and felt boring to drive. You’d usually associate them with older motorists, for example. To many people, vehicle styling is as important as the clothes they wear.

They want cars that make a positive fashion statement. Today’s hatchbacks have fresh, modern styling.

Even the basic trim levels look appealing to today’s motorists.

4. They are affordable

Let’s face it, some of us just can’t afford to lease a brand-new car. Instead, we are likely to purchase secondhand cars. If that sounds like you, here’s an advantage of buying a hatchback: they are cheap to buy – whether it is new or used.

A lot of buyers prefer hatchbacks because they keep a vehicle’s running costs down. And that’s a story repeated by thousands of dealerships across the country.

5. A thing for “hot” hatches

In case you didn’t know, a hot hatch is a vehicle like the Volkswagen Golf GTi or the Ford Fiesta ST. They are high-performance versions of standard hatchback models.

Today’s hot hatches have powerful engines under the bonnet. But they are also eco-friendly and deliver excellent fuel economy. More people buy hot hatches because they tick so many “boxes”!

6. They are good to drive in the city

Don’t you just hate driving a big saloon car on a large city? Especially in European cities where road space is at a premium! City dwellers love hatchback cars because they are easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

7. Hatchbacks are easier to park

Hatchbacks are simpler to park because they are smaller vehicles – smaller than some sedans. Plus, you’re more likely to find a space if you drive around in a hatch. You can forget about it if you’re behind the wheel of a behemoth.

8. They are cheaper to insure

Did you know that the bigger the car, the more expensive your insurance will cost? You might not know that fact, but it’s true. Even if the larger vehicle in question is cheaper to buy than a newer yet smaller car.

Parts are, in general, cheaper to replace on a hatchback. That means insurance repair bills will be lower.

And so too are your premiums.

9. They are perfect for the singles and the starting families

One myth we often hear people talking about is how hatchbacks aren’t big enough for couples with one or two kids. Well, that isn’t the case! Most hatchbacks offer plenty of rear seating space.

Plus, the boot space is big enough to store things like prams and baby changing bags.

10. Amazing technology in today’s hatchbacks

Last, but not least, one other advantage is technology. You can enjoy the latest gadgets and tech that drivers of bigger vehicles also have, given that the hatchback is much cheaper. Examples include Bluetooth connectivity, autonomous parking and more.

Vauxhall Zafira – Our Choice of Hatchback

A used Vauxhall can be the perfect starter hatchback for you to try. Sure, there have been reports of minor non-engine electric problems related to starting the car and a malfunctioning sat-nav system. But as newer models come, the issues have been addressed.

In fact, many European drivers score the Vauxhall Zafira as a reliable hatchback that can be lined with other more popular hatchbacks for sale like the Ford Fiesta or the Seat Ibiza.

Looking for a used Vauxhall? Try our listing at IT Car Sales.

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